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Data Hub

React application to collect data from a number of different APIs and provide in a consistent, filterable format

The data hub is an app that I wrote to import a large amount of data from various sources and API's, including COMScore, and private Google Sheets.

  • User authentication
  • Caches data in local storage
  • Filter through COMScore and Google Sheet data
  • Charts/Graphs of data
  • Fully filterable

The application allows the data to be filtered and seperated. Data is cached in the users local storage and checked against the data on the server on app startup, if the data is the same, the values stored in the cache will be used.

Technologies Used
  • Node/ExpressJS Server
  • MongoDB & Mongoose
  • PassportJS
  • ReactJS
  • COMScore/Google Sheets APIs
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • JWT Authentication

Data is filterable by many different filters, all which can be combined together. The data is also split into many different categories across print, digital and multiplatform, all of which can be filtered independently or combined to display the information you require.