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Risk Assessment Game

Browser Based game to help journalists identify risks in a stylised city map

The Risk assessment game was build using Pixi.js. A 2d map of a city was drawn by a designer. I then split this into sections based on a grid system that I had configured. The map was drawn in chunks and multi-stage animations were played on a separate layer.

Risk Assessment - Site Window

  • Draggable Map
  • Collect all points of interest
  • Multi-stage animations
  • Stylised UI
  • Self-typing windows with auto scroll.
  • Music and background track
  • POIs and events have sound cues
  • Packages assets with loader

Different scenes which potentially have risks for journalists and photographers could be found around the map. All 7 of these must be found for the user to 'pass'. This would sent an alert to their supervisor that their training had been completed.

The game was designed to have an old-school, CCTV feel, placing the user behind a CCTV camera observing the dangerous city streets. This was surrounded with an old Windows NT era interface, with monospace fonts and a colour scheme reminiscent of Windows 95-98.

Technologies Used
  • Pixi.js
  • Pixi Filters
  • Magipack Compression
  • Howler.js
  • AWS
  • Serverless Functions (email notifications)

To further add to the effect, a distortion layer is visible on top of the image, and a slight glitch/flicker filter is projected occasionally on the screen layer.