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The Commercial Hub

Full Stack NodeJS App providing business critical functionality

The Commercial Hub is an internal site, built to aid various parts of the business within Reach plc. It houses different 'stores' with aims of providing different services to different teams.

  • User Authentication
  • Checkout System
  • Stock System
  • Server Side Timers
  • Permissions/User Roles
  • File Storage Hub
  • Interaction with external APIs
  • Email Notifications
  • Admin Panel
  • On Upload image resize and compression

The Creative Hub - Product Modal

Artwork can be viewed and reserved within your region, making it unavailable to anyone else in your region. This allows artwork to be sold for regional titles across the country without the possibility of having duplicate designs within the same regions.

Technologies Used
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • PassportJS
  • MongoDB / Mongoose
  • Pug
  • JWT Auth
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google OAuth
  • Sharp
  • Multer
  • Lodash
  • Nodemailer

Once stock is added to your basket, no one within your region can view it. To prevent this blocking off stock, a 24 hour timer will remove items from your basket if not reserved before the timer ends.

Once reserved, a job is queued in the system for amends and updates to be made to suit the business. The sales rep will also receive a version of the artwork branded proof, to allow them to preview the artwork with their client.